Body weather( Space-Time-Body and Play)

Originating in Japan in the late 1970s, BW is a practice that came out of the experiences and creative dialogue between Min Tanaka and Hisako Hori-kawa. It’s a very complete training method that deeply investigates the connec-tion between Body and Space; living the dimension of Space as an exten-sion of one’s own body.It’s the (re)search for a versatile body, in constant flux like the weather… an intimate, complex, and infinite process that deconstructs hierarchies, inviting us to incessantly live a process of disappearing and reappearing in a new body.BW is not only a practice, it’s creative knowledge in harmony with the invisi-ble.

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The training is divided into 3 parts:

MB (Mind-Body, Muscle-Bones)

A rhythmic and dynamic series of proposals that progressively develop one’s potential for coordination, flexibility, resistence, strength, plasticity, and listening, thus preparing the body for a greater openness to be moved by the space.


Sensorial investigations involving spatial awareness, segmentation, velocities, images, play, absurdity, and perceptual explorations to observe and share the inner and outer experiences that each body lives, working individually, in partners, and within a group… a being moved.


Partner work by means of coordinated breathing, entering the other’s body and letting the other in, to soften, stretch, and relax