Created in 2018, Win-Do-W is a street show for all ages combining Clown, Dance, and Theatre of Gesture.

Idea, creation, and performance by Sara Pons with Richi Mora as outside eye.

Win-Do-W is a personal and unconventional poetic piece, open to improvisation, merging her different (yet inseparable) worlds of Clown, Dance, and her great influence from Butoh.

The piece is inspired by dreamtime and the mythology of the Aboriginal Australians, who predicted the future of their existence through the observation and contemplation of physical space, waiting for something to happen that would transform the “window” of their landscape, thus guiding their next steps.

Another inspiration for this piece is the poet Joseph Brodsky, who wrote about the geometry of the window, defining it as that which opens physical, mental, and imaginary spaces.

Win-Do-W puts this abstract theme into play, from a place of simplicity, humour, the absurd, and transparency.


A being who lives in the present, the unpredictable KoKon is a transformer of objects who lives off leaves she keeps in a bucket on her back. She walks around investigating things, which transports us into an imaginary world of windows that open, inviting her to experience and discover different stories…

Leaves in space, a landscape…

Hours passing with nothing happening…

Suddenly, ffffffffffff something enters…

The wind… The little bird, a bucket.

Possibilities…Windows, stories that just need to be lived.